Clomid update

  1. Clomid update

    I am looking for some advice on how to proceed. I posted before with my history and the treatment my doctor put me on but I will do a quick recap here as well

    I found out I had low testosterone and tested a few times with low testosterone(205 and 217), low FSH, and low LH. The doctor put me on 50mg of clomid daily(25 days on 5 off). I have gone through 2 cycles of that...2 months...and I could not tell a difference in energy levels, sex drives, ect.

    So I setup an appointment with him and he tested my total testosterone, FSH, LH, and T was at 1068 which I wasn't expecting and FSH, LH, and prolactin were in "perfect optimal range" according to the doctor...dont have the exact numbers for those as I am waiting for my copy of the tests. I didn't ask to have free T tested for the appointment because I expected there to be no change since I wasn't feeling any better.

    My doctor has suggested that I scale back to 25mg daily with the same cycle to see how I respond which I will be starting tommorow...he is hoping to completely wean me off of the clomid.

    What I can't figure out is why I do not feel any significant change if my testosterone levels have changed so drastically. Does anyone have any ideas what might be causing this? I plan on asking him to test for free testosterone and estradial to see what those values are and if they might be why I am not feeling any better.

    Any advice for additional things to test? Ideas why I wouldn't be feeling better even with the testosterone change?

  2. When you say you don't feel well, how exactly don't you feel well?

  3. clomid took my T from 350 to 750 and i didnt feel any differences.

  4. Engival, what made you start feeling a difference when the clomid was not making a difference?

    When I say I don't feel well I am talking about a lack of energy, moodiness, lack of sex drive, indifference, and just a feeling of being out of gas throughout most of the day.

    Was the same way when my total T was testing in the 200 range and I was hoping for a change when it went up...but I don't feel any different now at 1068 than I was at 200

  5. Did you look at Free T, E2, DHT etc?

    (Maybe the issue is not total T.)


  6. Yeah T alone is not a panacea always. If you have high E2 or other estrogens then increasing T levels might make you worse. It's a combination of everything being in check. It all works together. It's rarely ever one magic thing I think. Have to do the right lab tests to get the whole picture.

    Good luck


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