Posting Referral and Source Information

  1. Exclamation Posting Referral and Source Information


    The linking and sourcing to medical practitioners, clinics, compounding pharmacies, non sponsor supplement retailers, syringe suppliers or other medical supplies or practitioners through posted website links, signature website links, posted or signature e-mail contact or phone numbers is not acceptable in this forum.

    These privileges are exclusive to board sponsors.

    Continued occurrences will result in revocation of posting privileges.

    Thank you for your cooperation.

  2. Attention: Discontinue posting sources of any and all kinds. This is not a site for you to provide referrals for medicines, medical services or medical practitioners. This includes requests for PM's as well

    Continued offenses will result in immediate termination of your posting privileges.

  3. Reminder to all - this forum is not for anti-aging or testosterone replacement therapy practitioner referrals. Please keep threads and post of this nature off the open forum.

    Thank you.

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