Medication variation questions

  1. Medication variation questions

    Hey guys, I was wondering your input on a number of various meds we use and quality/comparison issues.

    For instance, Im on florinef/generic fludrocortisone and the first time i went on it i was on round generics, then got switched to yellow ovals and am now back on round generics. The manufactures were Global (round) and Barr (generics) and the Barr seemed a lot better, but Im wondering if that is just because im feeling better and absorbing better. Anyone have any comments on such?

    Also, I was wondering, especially for Dr. John's patients who have used both/multiples, what your favorite compounded pharmacy and products were. With Dr. John, I was first on college pharmacy's gel but have since switched to University pharmacy's lotion/gel and seem to absorb the university much better. The college one i always had to be careful otherwise i would get some 'frosting' and i dont think its because of thyroid but because of the absorbtion (thyroid finally more than ok) of the product. The university product seems to be much more lotionlike (similar to many compounded preg creams) and although it does not 'hit' as hard, it seems to absorb much better.

    Anyone else have input/comments? We've done this with HCG brands I know, and although I prefer novarel, the current batch of APP seems to be working fine.

  2. I'd also be curious on compounding pharmacies - quality and cost.

    I'm currently using the one that my physician uses. It's $90/month for compounded gel. This is OK for now while I am getting dialed in, but once we find the right steady dose, I'd like to lower the cost.


  3. My insurer has its own compounding pharmacy and I like their PLO gel very much.

    No grit, no frosting whatsoever.

    Talked with the pharm rep said the raw powder is milled, dissolved in propylene glycol and then put into PLO base.

    I think it would be $40 a month without insurance.

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