Or know anything about it? I bough a bottle and am trying it.

MAP for Muscles

MAP/SON Formula™ for Body Mass Enhancement
(build strength & endurance)

Master Amino Acid Pattern™ MAP/SON contains NO fat, sodium, sugar, yeast, gluten, soy, corn, wheat, milk products or preservatives.

MAP/SON® provides maximum nutrition for protein synthesis. MAP is not a drug: steroids, however, are both illegal & very dangerous to the body; they produce huge muscle without matching strength largely through fluid retention.

MAP provides minimum digestive intensity & duration: 23 mins. (because it is pre-digested) vs 3 -5 hrs. for dietary protein.

MAP will provide maximum muscle strength, volume & endurance without stressing the kidneys & liver (all other supplements produce a lot of metabolic stress).

MAP provides minimum recovery time from muscle activity:
*it lowers lactic acid by 35% - 25 mins. before your chosen activity, take 5 - 10 tablets of MAP.

Increased endurance and increased strength happen because MAP/SON Formula increases the energy hormone, ATP (adenosine-triphosphate) released through the burning of hydrogen.
*- DO NOT take other protein supplements at the same time with MAP.

NOTE: after 23 mins., protein synthesis takes another 2 hrs; therefore, NO other protein should be taken 2 to 3 hrs. after taking MAP/SON Formula.

MAP/SON is the only protein source you need. (Example, Creatine is an unnatural protein substance that increases muscle contraction, which produces a high rate of injury because it makes the Brain fail to protect the body from doing work it cannot do.)

No junk supplements are needed for real strength and body work when using MAP/SON. Chicken or fish or eggs are acceptable at mealtimes while using MAP but not together with MAP (see, NOTE above). But eat real food for fresh calories (processed foods are not real food).

In older adults, MAP is excellent for reducing liver/kidney overload while restoring muscle mass.
*- The more tablets you take (up to 10), the more physical activity is required during your training sessions (max = 3 x per week).

You can recover muscle using MAP without doing a training activity, but it will take much longer because the Brain perceives physical activity as a survival response, directing its resources to that activity with consequent beneficial effects.

*- No need to take enzyme or bacterial supplements with MAP because it is predigested. You should also take raw carbs or fats for calories.