I am looking for some opinions on the following items. I am looking for ways to treat/improve my overall health and improve some health issues I have. I am looking to get advice on methods to accomplishing this without the use of supplements so mostly with foods.

I plan to make a post to track/update my conditions as things go forward.

Conditions and meds

HP - 20mg Lisiopril, my levels where higher then they are currectly, maybe due to start on IM test-e 130-85

Low Test - 100mg divided into e3d.

Low libido - this is new, it was great at the start of my trt but since has dropped dramatically. Note, I dont think it has anything to do with it but was taking MACA for a month or so.

Thyroid - 2g Amour

Depression/Bi-polar - Welbutrin 150mg, Lamictal 300mg, just started 10MG Lexipro to help with shoot load to fast (thats new to) also just started 2.5mg Zyprexa, I take this for 2 week periods just when I hit rock bottom with depression so this isnt a every day med.

Sleep - I take .10mg of Klonopin and ZMA

Current supplements but with be stopping all Dec. 1st.

L-Clen 75mcg, Leviathan 2 caps, DCP 6 caps, ZMA, Multi, Vit-C 1000mg and Fish oil 3g.

I lift 4-5 days a week, 15 years experience. Good diet pretty clean with 1 eat day per week but dont go over board. I do minimal cardio. I hate cardio.

I want to get to where I can drop my BP med, feel energized, build better overall health and get my libido back. I understand nutrition pretty well but looking for som insight to foods that help with these issues.

Look forward to hearing from anyone.