Adverse Effects: Excessive Thyroid Replacement

  1. Adverse Effects: Excessive Thyroid Replacement

    Adverse Effects: Excessive Thyroid Replacement
    Cardiac hypertrophy
    Increased Intraventricular septum thickness
    Increased Left Ventricular posterior wall thickness
    Increased End Diastolic Dimension
    Increased Left Ventricular Mass Index
    Decreased Exercise Tolerance
    Decreased VO2 Max
    Decreased Anaerobic threshold

    Thyroid Hormone Replacement
    The operative word is:


  2. wow I knew about the decreased tolerance, but the heart stuff is new to me.

    pheraplex + T3 = double whammy!!

  3. Quote Originally Posted by billm311 View Post

    pheraplex + T3 = double whammy!!
    Oughta throw in some Clen, too
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