A couple of random questions

  1. A couple of random questions

    Can anyone let me know the best time to have a blood test done to check test levels if currently on transdermal test. I had heard that max levels occur ~2 hours after application. Does this seem right. I understand it will depend on type of transdermal. In my case it is a compounded cream

    Also, does anyone have an idea of why I feel so bloated (upper gut). I immediately think to check estradiol levels but before I do I would love to hear anyone else's thoughts so that I can include any other things that may be contributing and therefore need monitoring (blood tests)

    Thanks, in advance, for your ideas.

  2. I am looking at the Androgel chart and peak does, in fact, occur 2 hours after application.

    I had my labs drawn about 2.5 hrs after application to get close to the peak level.

    I don't know if the PKs of a cream are the same.

  3. Thanks for the confirmation Rick

  4. No problem, MH.

    Also, as I read the chart (which depicts "steady state concentrations at day 30 of 10% Androgel"), after that initial peak, the levels are very constant, never varying more than what looks like 60 ng/dL on an hour to hour basis over 24 hours.

  5. I would try to test about 4 hours after application or even longer. I don't want to know the peak, but rather what the level is running the majority of the time.



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