my results help

  1. my results help

    Hi guys!Please,comment my results.I’m 22 years old from Italy.I have a pituitary disorder,I have

    Anti-pituitary gland antibodies,in particular low LH and FSH. My therapy is:Testoviron 135mg every 9 days and proviron 25mg ed,maybe also hcg in next mounth.In my country,the choice is:Testoviron 135 or 250,Sustanon 250,Nebido,Andriol.I prefer 135mg.First shot was in 10 July. These are the results after 8 shots.

    Sorry for my English…

    Hour zero:shot

    48 hours in

    WBC 4,64 thousands/mmc (4,50-8,00)

    RBC 4,86 millions/mmc (4,50-6,00)

    HGB 15,7g/dl (14-17)

    HCT 47,1% (42-54)

    PLT 162 thousands/mmc (150-450)

    TSH 1,71uUI/ml (0,34-5,60)

    FT3 2,24pg/ml (2,39-6,79) LOW

    FT4 0,65ng/dl (0,61-1,12)

    Testosterone,total 1063ng/dl (300-1000) HIGH

    Testosterone,free 44,4pg/ml (8,8-54,7)

    E2 59pg/ml (15-60)

    DHT 903pg/ml (250-990)

    SHBG 21,6nmol/L (9-55)

    GH 3,84ng/ml (0-5)

    IGF-1 226ng/ml(182-788)

    120 hours in

    WBC 4,47 thousands/mmc (4,50-8,00) LOW

    RBC 5,01 millions/mmc (4,50-6,00)

    HGB 16,3g/dl (14-17)

    HCT 48,6% (42-54)

    PLT 164 thousands/mmc (150-450)

    Testosterone,total 893ng/dl (300-1000)

    Testosterone,free 41,8pg/ml (8,8-54,7)

    E2 52pg/ml (15-60)

    DHT 1345pg/ml (250-990) HIGH

    SHBG 21,5nmol/L (9-55)

    GH 3,88ng/ml (0-8)

    IGF-1 246ng/ml(182-788)

    168 hours in

    WBC 4,61 thousands/mmc (4,50-8,00)

    RBC 4,65 millions/mmc (4,50-6,00)

    HGB 15,2g/dl (14-17)

    HCT 45,3% (42-54)

    PLT 162 thousands/mmc (150-450)

    Testosterone,total 1027ng/dl (300-1000) HIGH (strange result,48 hours ago was 893!why?)

    Testosterone,free 25,9pg/ml (8,8-54,7) little low,why?

    E2 46pg/ml (15-60)

    DHT 878pg/ml (250-990)

    SHBG 26,9nmol/L (9-55)

    GH 5,61ng/ml (0-8) HIGH

    IGF-1 214ng/ml(182-788) why this is always low??

    216 hours in

    WBC 3,89 thousands/mmc (4,50-8,00) LOW why?

    RBC 4,97 millions/mmc (4,50-6,00)

    HGB 15,2g/dl (14-17)

    HCT 48,3% (42-54)

    PLT 170 thousands/mmc (150-450)

    Cholesterol 140 (130-200)

    HDL 60 (35-75)

    LDL 74 (>90) LOW

    TSH 1,52uUI/ml (0,34-5,60)

    FT3 2,39pg/ml (2,39-6,79)

    FT4 0,63ng/dl (0,61-1,12)

    Testosterone,total 945ng/dl (300-1000) after 9 days,test is always the same…hard to believe

    Testosterone,free 24pg/ml (8,8-54,7) again,why???

    E2 35pg/ml (15-60)

    DHT 930pg/ml (250-990)

    SHBG 42,4nmol/L (9-55) enormous variation…why?

    GH 4,02ng/ml (0-5)

    IGF-1 237ng/ml(182-788)

    Progesterone 0,35ng/ml (0,10-0,84)

    Prolactin 8,14ng/ml (2,6-13,1)

    ACTH: 8,5pg/ml (4,7-48,7)

    Cortisol 11ug/dl (Morning:8,7-22,4)

    DHEA 2,3ng/ml (1,4-12,5)

    How I feel: I feel good,sometimes tired(maybe the thyroid?).Sex life is OK,mood is better.

    I not understand:IGF-1 little low,Test free low in comparison with test total,and test total more high in day 9 than day 5.

    What do you think about?

    Sorry for very long post.


  2. any comments?

  3. I am new to this myself, but I am going to guess that the reason your T was higher on the third test was due to a pulse in your baseline production.

    If your own testes are producing any T at all, it is going to do so in pulses. That, in combination with the pharmacokinetics you would expect from the shot could give you the bump.

    Lab test accuracy is another issue.

    Be patient and I'm sure many truly knowledgeable people here will reply.

    I don't know if you know but your posts were at 3:46 and 6:58 AM our time, so I don't think many have seen it yet. You'll get replies. Good Luck.

  4. thanks rick...other replies?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by bimbo View Post
    How I feel: I feel good,sometimes tired(maybe the thyroid?).Sex life is OK,mood is better.

    I not understand:IGF-1 little low,Test free low in comparison with test total,and test total more high in day 9 than day 5.

    It's good that you feel good and sex life is OK, that is better than many of us here. I don't know why the values have fluctuated as you indicated, maybe others have ideas for you.

    Your E2 looks high. It might be something to look into further.

    Also your cholesterol, like mine, is too low. You want 160-180.


  6. bimbo-

    just reading your post, I noticed that you are using testoviron, which is a blend of T enanthate and T propionate and you are also using proviron, which is oral test propionate.

    Proviron is thought to have anti aromatase properties with comparable but less profound results than Arimidex. Your progressively lowered E2 numbers would seem to support that belief (especially in the face of adding exogenous T).

    So another theory would be that you are not only getting the increase in exogenous T from the testoviron, you are also getting a "pop" from the anti-aromatase properties of the Proviron.

    That said, I think it would be logical that the PKs would level off at some point.

    Again, understand that I am a total neophyte here and what I said above I regurgitated from a book.

  7. OK...

    dhea is little low...I try 25mg/day?Dhea supplement supprise natural production?


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