Low libido/genital sensitivity

  1. Low libido/genital sensitivity


    I have been reading this forum many weeks, but now I wanted to post my case. I'm 27 old male and I have been suffering a longer time from low libido and low sensitivity on the genital area. Erections are fine, but if the libido/sexual desire is low, problems exist. Ejaculate is weak.

    My latest lab results are following (hopefully I converted them correctly):

    Total testosterone 22 nmol/l (range 10-38) (=630 ng/dl)
    Free testosterone 238 pmol/l (range 150-500) (=6,9 pg/ml)
    Estradiol 90 pmol/l (range <160) (=24,5 pg/ml)
    LH 10 IU/I (2,5-7)
    FSH 18 IU/I (
    Prolactin 289 mU/I (70-300)
    TSH 1,6 mU/I (0,3-4,5)

    My sperm count has been very low, which I knew before sexual problems started. High FSH proves this also. My both testicles were surgically descended during the first two years after my birth. I used to take finasteride 1,25 mg/day for MPB a few years ago, strangely, while finasteride/after quitting, sexual problems started to show. This could be a coincidence, since both LH and FSH have been high at least for two years, which refers to primary gonadal failure (=to testicles).

    SHBG has not been measured, but it should be high since my free testosterone is quite low. I discussed my concerns with a respected urologist of a fertility clinic, who refused to believe that my symptoms are not testosterone-based. Although I tried to refer my symptoms to low free testosterone. He prescribed me Panteston 40 mg a day (=Andriol) for 3 months. Now I have took the pill after lunch.

    Strange, but now I think he is right: I have not noticed any improments after a week: only what I have noticed is warm flushes/mild swetting in my face a couple of hours after the pill.

    But what was helping before the panteston, is L-Arginine powder. If I take 1-2 g before bedtime, I sleep more deeply, and in next day I usually feel more energetic and my libido is good and ejaculate comes with normal force.

    So my questions are mainly related to SHBG and l-arginine:

    -I have not found an answer, about can the SHBG-bound testosterone be released from the SHBG = binded reversibly? Iím bothered the fact that almost every ad on the internet is concentrating on reducing the levels of SHBG, thus freeing testosterone. But this will lower the total testosterone, right? Would lowering SHBG really help libido problems?

    -L-arginine is somehow a libido booster. It is the natural substrate for NO release by the NOS enzyme. According to some studies in PubMed, release of NO induces LH pulses = more LH, but strangely, substrates for NO are at the same time reducing testosterone production?! L-arginine causes also mild GH and IGF-1 boost, which changes insulin levels? High doses of NO can also reversibly decrease sperm production.

    -So are small doses of L-arginine really safe for my testicles in longer time, due to probably increase of LH? Can this cause overstimulation to Leydig cells, and damage them somehow = impair testosterone production irreversibly?

    I have noticed that wise people are reading and replying in this forum regarding the hormone levels etc. I would gladly hear their opinion to my symptoms in hormone profile-wise and to my questions. Thanks in advance

  2. ..a correction: "the urologist refused to believe that my symptoms ARE testosterone-based". Sorry for confusion

  3. Just because your free T is low, doesnt necessarily mean your SHBG is high. Your another one who took finasteride whos bloods dont look particularly bad, but your symptoms are.

    You need to test your DHT. Both bloods and urine.

    Your prolactin looks a little high too.

    Its looking like you could be a bit primary too, but someone else might be able to give you a better answer.

    It the same old same old with finasteride...its a friggin mystery.

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