Anyone know anything about TA-65???

  1. Anyone know anything about TA-65???

    This is supposed to be the real deal for anti-aging. But, I can't find very much info. on it. It costs $22,000.00 a year, so I won't be taking it anytime time soon. But, it would be nice to know that these types of things actually work, so when prices eventually come down.

    Here's the site (I don't have 20 posts yet):

  2. Sounds like there might be something to say for theory.

    As you may know, the fundamental problem of anti-aging medicine, is how do you counter antagonist pliotropy.

    This refers to the fact that throughout most of human evolutionary history humans did not live long full lives. Rather, we tended to be eliminated extrinsically via violence or disease.

    For this reason, genes and traits that benefit us earlier in our lifetimes are favored over those that act later.

    Natural selection has simply not protected us from aging. How could it? Over millions of years it has acted to promote our welfare while we are reproductive. The further into the reproductive years we get, the less an less we are protected.

    It is fundamental that anti-aging specialists understand this very important point.

    So now, what of telomeres? I expect their shortening toward senescence is just one of many manifestations of the aging process. But it is very very far from the whole story.

    Antagonist pliotropy will act at all genes, on every tissue, so that as we age more and more unselected for complications arise.

    This is very important to keep in mind if one wishes to talk seriously about "anti-aging medicine."

  3. Just curious to see if anyone takes this? The price has come down substantially since this thread started, cheapest I could find was $450 USD delivered for 90 caps. If anyone is interested I've been taking 1 cap per day for past month. I'm only 32 but really into this type of thing. I just wanted to try it because I'm a sucker for these types of product and not sure how long I'll continue for. It will be years till I'll know how effective it is or not, but initially I have seen an improvement In skin tone, better concentration and eye sight seems better. My doc said he recently met up with an friend after a 12 month break and says she looked amazing for her age and she put it all down to taking TA65.

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