HcG instead of Test

  1. HcG instead of Test

    I am currently taking test injections and was woundering if people suffering from low test can treat it with HcG or another form of medicine.

    Reason I am asking this question is even though I love the test injection treatment I am getting tired of some of the side effects.

    1. irritability
    2. major new body hair growth
    3. sore testicles

    Is there another form of TRT that I would get similar benefits other than test injections (Topical dont work for me and there test anyways)

  2. Sticky: http://anabolicminds.com/forum/male-...ocol-john.html

    That would probably deal with the aching balls (if they're aching because they're shrinking). IF the othe side effects are from having more T in your system, then I'd figure you'd probably see them with HCG too?

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