Increased IGF-1 and Insulin Resitance/Sensitivity

  1. Increased IGF-1 and Insulin Resitance/Sensitivity

    What type if any effects does IGF-1 have on insulin resistance/sensitivity? Can an increase in IGF-1 have a negative/damaging effects on insulin levels?

    Have been taking Test and HGH (HRT) and my IGF-1 were very high over the limit while my GH levels were still on the low end. I know both of these can effect IGF-1 levels, but what are the correlations between IGF-1 and insulin?

  2. I think this is hard to diagnose solely on IGF-1.

    I think diabetics and such have high IGF-1 levels, but you can also have good GH levels and high IGF-1 levels.

    I am just pulling this from memory from something I read somewhere.

    maybe the IGF-1 forum on this site.

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