STRAW POLL: TRT's impact on Quality of life

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    STRAW POLL: TRT's impact on Quality of life

    As someone who is considering TRT, both because of physical symptoms as well as labs which would suggest hypogonadism

    (see my post: Bloodwork Results Are In! Help!,

    I'm wondering how many on this forum can say that their treatment has helped them to feel better, which I think is the primary motivator behind most of us considering TRT. I know that fatigue and a lowered libido are what started my quest.

    For those interested, maybe a good idea would be to share your original symptoms, your treatment - what worked and what didn't - duration of treatment, and how you feel now.

    The reason I pose this thread is to find out what is working in TRT. For example, I know that some people can start testosterone replacement, feel better for a while, and then start to feel poor again as their own production shuts down or more T aromatizes into estrogen. And I also know that this info will probably differ from individual to individual, but maybe there are some common threads.

    I want to make sure before I begin this that there will be a noticeable change in my QOL; and if that necessitates going to an authority like Dr. John - who will account for HPTA disruption/E2 conversion - and not a PCP who will "just prescribe testosterone", then that is something I'd like to attempt to discern now.

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    I'm not even where I want/need to be as far as upping my T levels and getting everything right because Im still in my first phase of TRT. Despite that, I am feeling so much better than I did it is amazing.

    You dont have to worry about you natty test shutting down and T->E conversion. A legit Doc will utilize HCG to keep ur balls working and an AI to keep your E2 in check
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    I am more curious to hear from people who have been on TRT on more than 10 years ( I know pmgamer has been) and still reaping benefits !!

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