CNN article on Testastorone

  1. CNN article on Testastorone

    Study: Testosterone pills could damage kidneys -

    NEW YORK (Reuters) -- Testosterone supplements may make aging men feel and look better, but the results of a study conducted in rats suggest that it could lead to kidney damage and worsen high blood pressure (hypertension).

    Testosterone levels gradually decrease with age in healthy men, a condition some doctors refer to as "andropause," which is analogous to menopause in women.

    A growing number of healthy older American men take testosterone replacement therapy to improve their feelings of well being, sex drive, and muscle mass.

    "Because chronic cardiovascular disease, like hypertension or kidney disease, is related to a sharp decrease in testosterone, a lot of doctors also prescribe testosterone to men who suffer from heart disease," Dr. Radu Iliescu, of University of Mississippi Medical Center, Jackson, noted in a telephone interview with Reuters.

    However, "no well-controlled clinical studies have addressed the effects of testosterone on the cardiovascular system," Iliescu warned, "and our research actually showed that testosterone contributes to hypertension and end-stage renal disease in various rodent experimental models."

    Iliescu and colleagues found that testosterone supplements caused about a two-fold increase in testosterone levels in the blood of male rats. They also found that blood pressure was significantly higher in testosterone-supplemented rats compared with normal "control" rats. Castration did not alter blood pressure levels.
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    Compared with normal rats, testosterone-supplemented rats also had higher concentrations of protein in the urine, a sign of possible kidney trouble, whereas castration reduced protein in the urine.

    These results were reported by Iliescu and co-researchers at a recent meeting of the American Physiological Society in Austin, Texas.

    Supplementing testosterone or preventing the testosterone loss that occurs with age or chronic disease may actually worsen preexisting heart or kidney disease, the researchers conclude.

    "We are trying to bring to the attention of the clinician of using care when prescribing testosterone supplements and to address cardiovascular risk," Iliescu told Reuters.

  2. The high blood pressure is caused from all the water retention from high E2.

  3. Idiots. They'd have have men walking around weak, depressed, limp and worse.

    I highly doubt this study as it fails to account for what happens to me who have low T and don't seek treatment. Oh, yeah-- I can see how a flawed study which essentally says that men with low T and all the life sucking aspects of it are better off without treatment. Even if their study has validity, which I doubt, I'd rather have the benefits of TRT. Life is more about quality than anything else. I guess they missed all the studies noting a strong connection between low T and insulin, heart, bone and other issues, not to mention limp **** syndrome and depression.

  4. Note the title of the study: PILLS

    Oral testosterone drugs have long been known to stress the liver. This is not news at all.

  5. This is about pills.
    Nobody (I hope) uses testosterone pills.

    IFAIK we use

    IM or subs shots
    all differend kinds of transdermals.

    They do not go thru liver or kidneys,

  6. Impotent Media doing a national disservice.


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