TRT and body hair

  1. TRT and body hair

    Since being treated for TRT using Test E I have noticed a increase in new body hair which I know is a common issue. I expected body hair to increase in the rate of growing but didnt expect NEW body hair to start at this rate.

    Anyway, does anyone know of any products to use to remove and or slow the new hair. I had laser done a few years ago while on topical but the Dr. stopped because he said it was useless to do while being treated for low T. One thing regarding this treatment is that this Dr. was new to this practice and actually jacked me up. He destroid 2 tatoos and gave me 2nd degree burns where they wrecked my tats.

    So does laser actualy work and he didnt perform it correctly or is it useless as long as I am using test?

    I hate bodyhair and shave as many men do but seeing new hair growths is not what I want to see. I appreciate any help or info.

  2. Well Laser won't prevent new follicles from producing hair if they hadn't before but as far as follicles that are currently growing hair its a permanent destruction of the follicle as I understand it. So my guess is that if you have treatment done you will no longer grow any hair from areas that you are currently growing hair on and that in the future you will need touch ups to destroy any new follicles that begin to produce hair.

    I am not a doctor and this is only a guess but its the best one I got.

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