26 years old with hormone issues

  1. 26 years old with hormone issues

    I was wondering if anyone can offer me some advice. My situation is not very typical. I am 26, but yet often get mistaken for a teenager. And I don't even mean like a 19 year old, but more like a high school kid (sad but true.) I don't have much facial hair, I have a young looking jawline/facial structure, etc.

    My doctor always said it's probably just genetics and that it's not a bad thing to look young for your age; but I know that my problem is more than just simply having a baby face. He did a blood test, but everything supposedly came back normal. I wonder if he just tested for total testosterone, without regard to free testosterone or any other hormones.

    So I decided to order a saliva hormone test kit to get some more in depth answers. I have never used steroids or prohormones, so the results shouldn't be skewed for any of those reasons.

    My testosterone came back 28, drastically lower than the normal range of 60-110 for my age group. DHEA was 3, which is borderline low. But yet androstenedione was 593, which is well above the high range, so I'm not sure what to make of that. DHT was 48 (they don't list normal DHT ranges for ages under 30.)

    Anyone know if these numbers shed light on why I still look like a teenager at the age of 26? Is the obvious answer that I need testosterone therapy? Or could it be that my low testosterone is a direct result of low DHEA (since DHEA is a testosterone precursor)? And if that's the case, might DHEA supplementation be sufficient in correcting my problem?

    Since my doctor doesn't take my concerns seriously, I would appreciate any insight that any of you have to offer. Thanks

  2. I would try to find a new doctor and get more blood work.

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