Reducing shbg

  1. Reducing shbg

    Im asking this because of gyno worries.

    Take a product like supermiraforte.
    Contains saw palmetto, chrysin, stinging nettles and more.

    The way i understand this product or the ingredients is that they attach to the shbg instead of T, E and dht and in this manner increase these hormones free numbers.

    But often when reading about gyno causes, i come across 1 reason for gyno beeing products dissplacing hormones from shbg. Cause products doing this would more easily displace E2 (possibly other Es) than DHT and T since shbg binds harder to DHT and T.

    Would the above products displace DHT T and E from shbg or do they actually lower the blood level of shbg?

    guess what im actually asking is would it be a concearn for gyno when taking it in regard to above?


  2. Danazol if you can get a script.

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