Symptons of Low and High E2

  1. Symptons of Low and High E2

    Could some one post the espcific symptom from each of either low or high E2. I know a common symptom shared by both is low libido, loss of nighly and morning erections and maybe impotence. But i am worried about the others...

    I have been taking .5mg of adex EOD the last 3 weeks and sinse monday i have started getting extreme lethargy and sleepness that even stimulants canīt take care of it. I this e2 too low?? but i allso feel puffy niples.....DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!

    I reduced my test dosage this week and my HCG to 120mg/w and 250ius with the shot mon and thur....Previous week was 130mg .......

  2. Heavy fatigue sounds like low E2 to me.

    Why are you on the arimidex in the first place? Are you sure that you need it?


  3. Sonny is spot on here. If low E2 exists more stress is put on your thyroid/adrenals and thus can lead to fatigue. I have low E2 myself and suffer from adrenal fatigue and hypothyrodism. I am actually underweight as is and suffer from low E2.

    High E2 can also cause fatigue due to over-riding the receptor sites at cell/tissue level. Adrenals will be stressed too.

    Would be worth getting a full thyroid/adrenal check run to find out what's going on.

  4. I did a lb test today will have results coming in tomorrow.....i got puff niples so aI might be getting High e2 then,.........

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