I threw my back out a few days ago. Serious pain. Enough to go to the ER and get a Medrol shot and a Prednolosone dosepak. A couple of hours after the shot I was better than new. The pain was obviously due to inflammation since glucocorticoids reduce inflammation. Cortisone is a glucocorticiod too, albeit much less potent. Apparently my cortisone levels and production capacity werent up to the job.
I also have chronic exercise induced asthma for 4 years which is at least in part due to inflammation. I take inhaled glucocorticiods for that and it helps a lot. But the dose of meds has virtually eliminated the asthma.
I wondering if my ability to produce cortisone isnt less than normal and still decreasing. Reason being the asthma has steadily gotten worse since onset. It will be very interesting to see if the effects of the Prednisone outlast its half- life. If they do then that is evidence for adrenal fatigue in my book .
What do you think ?

Anyone-anything ?