Cssam And The Like

  1. Cssam And The Like

    kind of excited (although i knew this...jsut re-remembered...haha)

    my urologist is a member of CSSAM and i wondered if there is anyone here that has any info from the latest conference?

    2nd CSSAM/ISSAM North American Congress on the Aging Male Montreal, QC, Canada, February 8-10, 2007

    i see my future doctor and the presenters , during their presentation, tested for DHEA-s , prolactin...so atleast i have those baselines....BUT I SEE IGF-1 in there.....WISH I WOULD OF TESTED THAT NOW!! ARGG...although i read GH is the LAST hormone one should add to a HRT program..

    Adding to the controversy: Pitfalls in the diagnosis of testosterone deficiency syndromes with questionnaires and biochemistry - The Aging Male

    so hopefully my guy is "UP" on things and wont look at me sideways on the HCG and arimidex topics..


  2. If your future Dr was at this conference, I would expect very, very good things out of him/her

  3. i am... i hear he is really nice...and the reading ive done, he says some important things....

    "treat the symptoms, not the numbers.."


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