Hi everyone. First post here! Have had help from pmgamer on the STTM site with regard to so many sex hormone questions I have. Please excuse the length of this email but I like the detail.

About 5 months ago I finally figured out why my health felt like the pits, pulling the following poor cortisol and thyroid results:


7:00 - 8:00 AM was 1 (Depressed) - Ref. 13-24nM
11:00 - Noon was 2 (Depressed) - Ref. 5-10nM
04:00 - 05:00PM was 1 (Depressed) - Ref. 3-8nM
11;00 - Midnight was <1 (Depressed) - Ref. 1-4nM

Cortisol Burden was 5 - Ref. 23-42
DHEA is 5 (Normal) - Ref. Adults was 3-10ng/ml


fTSH - 311 (High) - Ref. Borderline Low: 20-25 nIu/ml / Normal: 26-85 nIU/ml / Borderline High: 86-120 nIU/ml
fT4 - 0.20 (Normal) - Ref. Normal: 0.17-0.42 ng/dl
fT3 - 0.34 (Normal) - Ref. Borderline Low: 0.21-0.27 pg/ml / Normal: 0.28-1.10 pg/ml
TPO (Thyroid Microsomal Ab, SIgA) - Positive - Ref. Normal: Negative

5 months later I have the adrenals and thyroid in check (with HC and dessicated thyroid).

** However my sex hormones are a mess. Keep in mind these are basic saliva tests I have done for these:

February, 2007:

E2 (Estradiol) - 5 - Ref. Male (20-49 yrs): 1-3 pg/ml Male (50-85 yrs): 1-5pg/ml
P1 (Progesterone) - 27 - Ref: Male (adult): 5-95 pg/ml
TTF (Free Testosterone) - 22 - Ref. Male (20-30 yrs): 60-110pg/ml

June, 2007:

E2 (Estradiol) - 5 - Ref. Male (20-49 yrs): 1-3 pg/ml Male (50-85 yrs): 1-5pg/ml
P1 (Progesterone) - 28 - Ref: Male (adult): 5-95 pg/ml
TTF (Free Testosterone) - 23 - Ref. Male (20-30 yrs): 60-110pg/ml

For my sex hormones, I basically went on all natural while I addressed my adrenals and thyroid, to see if I could make a dent. I always knew that knowing sex hormones was almost like it's own beast. Now I'm in the nitty gritty of it, but still trying to paint a clear picture and path to wellness. Anyways, from about April to June I was taking PhytoPharmica Indolplex with DIM, zinc, & magnesium in maximum dosages (up to three pills of DIM a day at one point). During this time, the DIM had a great impact on my sex drive. I was gaining awesome erections - in fact only until about three weeks ago this was the case - and then I went back to normal. I have since stopped these items to see if my drive comes back and will try to adjust DIM dosage.

Of course, the saliva panel above shows no changes. I'm fine with that because I know saliva isn't the best for sex hormone testing. Yesterday I asked that my doctor write me up for the following (blood) testing (taken from TRT: recipe for success):

• Total Testosterone
• Bioavailable Testosterone (AKA “Free and Loosely Bound”)
• Free Testosterone (if Bioavailable T is unavailable)
• Estradiol (specify “ultrasensitive” assay for males)
• LH
• Prolactin
• Cortisol
• Thyroid Panel
• Comprehensive Metabolic Panel
• Lipid Profile
• PSA (if over 40)
• IGF-1 (if HGH therapy is being considered)

Again pmgamer has helped me so much to understand what a lot of these things mean, and also providing me many useful links to documentation explaining what could be the case with me. Clearly I have a very high E2 for a 26 year old male. Clearly all of my hormones seem to be messed up - perhaps indicating secondary across the board. But my doctor did pull my LH, FSH, and Prolactin previously and according to him (over the phone, thus no ranges), they all fell within normal still although LH and FSH may have been on the lower side.

Now reading all of these notes about the havoc E2 can wreak on the hormonal balance in general, I need a course of action with regard to my estrogen. My adrenals and thryoid are being supported, so I'm not worried about them right now. But I need to figure out more about what's going on here...

I guess everything hinges on what my blood E2/T levels show. If the DIM is in fact driving this down, then I assume I could try HCG alone to see if my T will go up.

Thoughts? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.