Hair falling out!

  1. Hair falling out!

    I have been on hrt at 100/mg/week, dhea at 50mg/day...25mg in morning, and at night. Pregnenalone cream at 1/2 ml in the morning, and I use Dr. John's nizoral shampoo. I was loosing my hair slowly after starting hrt, and then started nizoral, and only lost a few hairs a day then added dhea, and pregnenalone cream, and After washing my hair every day I can count about 40 hairs in the tub, and my head is showing thining. Hrt is with out side effects or is it the dhea, and pregnenalone cream? Don't want to loose any more hair!


  2. Isnt that shampoo just an anti-dandruff shampoo?

  3. I know you havnt mentioned finasteride yet, but I cant help pre-warning you about it. If your trolling the net for hair loss drugs or remedies your bound to come across it. Research it first before you even consider using. IMO its bad news and may lead to chronic sexual problems.
  4. Dhea

    Are you predisposed to MPB? You know you naturally shed around one hundred hairs a day so it may not be your TRT treatment at all.
    Personally I'm pretty sensitive to DHEA and have noticed an accelerated hair thinning while using it. I've even had the same problem with 7-keto.

  5. Dr. John's shampoo is nizoral with spirnolactone (sp). I started on shampoo a few months after starting just test cyp at 100/mg/week, and it helped until I introduced the dhea, and pregnenalone cream then hair loss excellerated while still using shampoo! I have, and never will use finasteride. I heard of that nasty drug about three years ago...before my hair loss. I suspect dht levels are high? Dr. John will have to run new labs on me before my already scheduled date in two months.

  6. simple solution - shave it all off

  7. Saw palmetto may help, DHT article. I would recommend reading this faq: Hair Loss Prevention

    I would highly recommend firm but gently massage to the scalp while in shower with shampoo. Improve blood flow / block DHT.


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