Aromatace inhibitors vs. suicide inhibitors

  1. Aromatace inhibitors vs. suicide inhibitors

    found this almost by accident. May have relevance for using aromasin vs. arimidex.

    1: J Steroid Biochem Mol Biol. 2007 May 24; [Epub ahead of print]
    Estrogen and adiposity-Utilizing models of aromatase deficiency to explore the relationship.Jones ME, McInnes KJ, Boon WC, Simpson ER.
    Prince Henry's Institute of Medical Research, Australia.

    Estrogen has an important role to play in energy homeostasis in both men and mice. Lack of estrogen results in the development of a metabolic syndrome in humans and rodents, including excess adiposity, hepatic steatosis (in male but not female aromatase knockout (ArKO) mice) and insulin resistance. Estrogen replacement results in a prompt reversal of the energy imbalance symptoms associated with estrogen deficiency. A corollary to the perturbed energy balance observed in the ArKO mouse is the death by apoptosis of dopaminergic neurons in the hypothalamic arcuate nucleus of male ArKO mice, an area of the brain pivotal to the regulation of energy uptake, storage, and mobilisation. An extension of our work exploring the relationship between estrogen and adiposity has been to examine the role played by androgens in energy balance. We have demonstrated that an increased androgen to estrogen ratio can promote visceral fat accumulation in the rodent by inhibiting AMPK activation and stimulating lipogenesis. Therefore, understanding the regulation of energy homeostasis is becoming an increasingly fascinating challenge, as the number of contributors, their communications, and the complexity of their interactions, involved in the preservation of this equilibrium continues to increase. Models of aromatase deficiency, both naturally occurring and engineered, will continue to provide valuable insights into energy homeostasis

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Dr. John View Post

    Much of this seems backwards by what we know of testosterone deficiency and estrogen dominance in adult males. I guess I'd have to read the entire paper.

    What is your angle on suicide vs. competitive inhibitor AI's?

    while fat burning is a complex process, I found it interesting that the use of an estrogen suicide inhibitor interacts with dopamine mechanisms. I guess this could be a special case of inhibition vs. suicide inhibition. With arimidex for instance, we inhibit or reduce release of estrogen. It doesn't result in total suppression--at least in the doses we take for HRT. I certainly have seen many obese females who are put on high doses of arimidex post breast cancer surgery. I have been very hard put to get them to exercise. No energy! They also develope a type of brain fog. I will send a copy of the study to Marianco and get his feedback.
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  3. omg after reading all that my brain hurts......
    The LORD is my rock, my fortress, and my savior; my God is my rock, in whom I find protection. He is my shield, the power that saves me, and my place of safety.-Psalm 18:2

  4. "the use of an estrogen suicide inhibitor interacts with dopamine mechanisms"

    Does the above imply that for TRT one would favor arimidex over aromasin if wanting to avoid interaction with dopamine? (or would one want to interact with dopamine...

  5. There actually saying an increase in testosterone to estrogen ratio in men and mice promote fat storage?

  6. I can't see how we benefit from dopaminine decrease. Dopamine is involved in activation, learning, memory, reward seeking, etc. Further the author is tlking about estrogen suicide inhibition---total shut down while the drug is active. So the testosterone to estrogen ratio not what we usually consider in HRT or TRT. So what is the body like with no estrogen? While we may limit the availability of E2 and some other estrogen isomers, the practice of TRT does not eliminate estrogen altogether.

  7. interesting. subbed.


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