Strange Testosterone / Estrogen Problem

  1. Strange Testosterone / Estrogen Problem

    Hi- I have reading this forum for a long time and have got lot more aware about my health and ways to improve it, i am hopeful you maybe be able to help me with my unique problem.

    I was operated for testicular problem at age 13 and lost 1 ball to surgeons desire of removing it from my body, he said that the other one was working just fine and i should be ok 19 Yr later this is what i feel-

    1- Dr said i had low testosterone, not very low but borderline so he prescribed to me Testim and when i started using it i felt lot better but i also felt that my estrogen production increased and i got gyno and also felt that my poor testis felt threatened by this extra testosterone and went into shut down mode.

    2- I started visiting this forum and started natural testosterone booster, currently taking ALRI Restore and Epistane but i would like to know given that my body has been used to only one testis producing enough testosterone for me to on borderline average... if i go back to testim will my natural production there a way i can boost my overall production without shutting down natural production and manage estrogen conversion....i have prescription for testim but i am not using it ......i have tried Nolvadex/ 6OXO/ Restore/ Epistane/ Trib and many other natural supp.

    Please let me know how can i make my V4 engine produce V6 power without the risk of causing the permanent damage.

    thank you

  2. markandy: First of all, welcome to the forum! Lots of good info hang around and read all you can.

    To answer your question: In my opinion, there is no way you can supplement testosterone without your body detecting it. If it shuts you down or not is another story. I've read and heard that even low Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) levels can shut some people down completely. While others are not effected too much at all. It really depends on the person. The only way to find out for sure is to do bloodwork to find out what is going on.

    I would highly recommend a full blood panel (including hormone levels) be done before you start any TRT. This will give you a true picture without the supplemented test skewing the blood levels.

    And for what it is worth, I also had testicle problems as a young boy, but managed to keep both of mine. Although I strongly believe it isn't working any longer. In my case, TRT has almost returned me to a normal life. With some final tweaking, I should be fully restored. So don't give up....there is hope for ya.

  3. Thank you

    Thank you , so do you suggest i stop taking all these supp atleast for 4-6 weeks before going for my blood work so that the results are real and not influenced by supp....

  4. Not sure you know this, but epistane is a designer steroid and it will shut your natural testosterone production down. It won't help your natural production any, if that's what your intentions were, or were you trying to reduce gyno with it?
  5. Epistane

    Gosh now thats scary...... i never thought that epistane could shut down natural production , i was taking it for gyno i am also taking ZMA and ALRI rebound . What ill be the best combination for me to keep my natural production up and minimize estrogen conversion.....i am thinking Trib and 6OXO

  6. "I would highly recommend a full blood panel (including hormone levels) be done before you start any TRT. This will give you a true picture without the supplemented test skewing the blood levels"

    Agreed. I wouldn't take another OTC supp until you do so.


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