Test Cyp. vs. Test Enanthate

  1. Test Cyp. vs. Test Enanthate

    Hey Guys,

    Have any of you noticed less water retention with Enanthate vs. Cyp.? Some say there is less water retention with enanthate than cyp., but just wanted to hear some real world feedback. Thanks

  2. The only thing I have heard about Test C is that it increases RBC, which thickens the blood. I have no scientific data supporting this, only what I have heard. This may be the reason it is suggested to give blood on a regular basis. I've heard Test E doesn't do this, but again I have no data to support this claim.

    Maybe Dr John could offer his insight.

  3. Cyp is cheaper, thats the only real difference.

    The diff in bloating/water retention should be minimal.

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