Why an I so freaking tired

  1. Why an I so freaking tired

    Hey everyone. Lately I have been so tired all the time. Doesnt matter if I sleep 5 hours or 12 hours. I have felt this in the past but it either went away or took a script.

    Background, I take 125mcg of sysnthroid for 15 years. I felt just like this prior to getting put on syntroid and better after. I fight depression/bi polar as well and take the following

    wellbutrin - 150mg
    lamictal - 300mg
    provigil - 200mg as needed (a stimulant for people who always fall asleep)
    klonopin - 20mg to fall asleep at night
    fish oils

    Here is my last bt results for thyroid

    TSH - .89 (RANGE .34-5.6, LE RANGE .70-2.10)
    T4 - .90 (RANGE .6-1.1, LE RANGE .70-1.53)
    test - 899
    free t - 34.9

    I dont feel depressed, just tired and grumpy. I used to take provigil 3-4 times a week to pick me up or it used to help my deprssion and well being. Doesnt do jack now. Maybe it does help keep my eyes open

    Diet in check

    Any suggestions.

  2. klonopin - 20mg to fall asleep at night
    Holy crap thats a huge dose of klonopin. When I was on it for panic attacks I was only taking .5mg a day. I'd seriously look into getting that dose lowered or finding a different sleep aid. Thats probably whats causing your tiredness.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Dr. John View Post
    Check your Free T3. That is where the rubber hits the road. Switching to Armour Thyroid might be a good idea--it has been for nearly everyone who has tried.

    I wonder if you indeed suffer Adrenal Fatigue.
    Being on synthroid that long can deplete iodine levels making the thyroid medicine ineffective. Might want to try some iodorol 25 mgs a day for a week see how you feel..

  4. How are your adrenals? Sounds like you probably have adrenal fatigue, but I am not a Dr.

    What about testosterone/e2?

    (My doc thought I was bipolar for 4-5yrs when I was not. A neurologist saw me a week ago and confirmed I was def not bipolar. I asked to go off my lithium before and I was told to UP the dose. I came off it and depression is gone.. Not that I'd recommend coming off meds w/o a doc telling you to do so, but it made my life better.) Who diagnosed you?

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