Im 31 yrs old and suffer from low totalT <400 and high shbg so also of the scale low BioT.. I also have low estrogen. lh fsh lowish.

I tried 50 mg testosterone gel per day but my numbers after 3 week did not increase. Infact since they showed more or less exact numbers as b4 when tested 3 hours after application so i think its possible that they were even lower at some points during the day on this trial at HRT. However my libido and erection and also sensation was better on the gel. I had to quit due to chest pains. Based on this information i feel the gel was absorbed but my own production stopped or decreased so it evened out more or less.

What would u advice in a situtation like this, try different means of HRT or try a higher dose of GEL, add an AI or dim even if e2 is low? Where i live it seems to be really hard to get adequat care, this is why im 2nd guessing my doctors advice to go lower on the gel.

Ive been offered lots of good information from members of this board allrdy. But at this point im not ready to inject myself with huge amount of test per week in order to reach 1150 TotalT and 250 FT since my shbg so high, however im glad u guys brought all this this information to me so i can make educated choices in the future if other options fail.