Now this is interesting

  1. Now this is interesting

    my wife bought me a book "the expectant father"

    in it a canadian doctor (storey) took blood samples from mothers and fathers to be, and concluded


    maybe thats whats wrong with me?? lol


  2. High cortisol can be caused by stress assuming your wife is pregnant I imagine you are under some.

    Or maybe its from the stress of trying to convince your endocrinologist that its not normal to have the hormone function of a 97 year old man when you are 30.....and no you dont need anti depressants.

  3. I heard about married men having lower test. Maybe it's your body's natural response to the fact you are not on the prowl anymore, lol. And knowing your having a baby comes with the knowledge you've spread your seed, and your job of procreation is done.

  4. It's cause their wifes own their nuts, it decreases their net value

    High prolactin alone = low test and same with cortisol! Combined, you're guaranteed to feel like poo on a stick.

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