Blood pressure monitor -- suggestions?

  1. Blood pressure monitor -- suggestions?

    Hi Guys,

    Any input on a decent but not overly expensive blood pressure monitor? There are tons of them on eBay for $25 or so. They are worn on the wrist.

    I'd like to get one because TRT does effect my blood pressure and it's also a good way for to keep an eye on adrenal fatigue.


  2. I have an Omron HEM 670IT from Costco. It cost about $78.

    It is a wrist monitor that has a sensor that will only take a reading if the unit is correctly positioned at the level of your heart. It also has a USB cable which can be used to upload your results into a charting program. The charting program can also export to CSV format if you want to import the results into another database, such as Microsoft SQL Server 2005.

    Many will complain about wrist units not working right, but the arm cuff ones are not always accurate either depending on your arm thickness and whether the cuff is correctly positioned, when often it is not.

  3. I got a wrist unit - can't remember the brand. It works good ONCE i got the hang of it.

    I played around, and figured out how to manipulate it to get extremely high or low readings. that helped me figure out how NOT to do it.

    Another approach is to take it with you next Dr visit, and have them check it, then you do the same with the wrist unit. At least you will know the deviation of your unit to theirs (or theirs when that purty nurse is pumping you up).

  4. Thanks, guys!


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