If I just take the gel out of the packets and put it on my skin, letting it dry on its own, I will always get bad frosting regardless of dose. However, if I use the palm of my hand to rub it in, I get no frosting. I've read that Dr. Shippen recommends to not rub it in; however, the panflet that I received with my Androgel says to rub it in for a few seconds. What is the reason for not rubbing it in?

Secondly, I ran a search and I saw this addressed briefly, but is there additional benefit to dosing the gel twice daily, with say, fifteen hours in between? My doctor does not want to prescribe me anything but the gel and I was thinking that if it will help absorption I will use it twice a day. I work out daily, so I would apply half my dose before work in the morning, and then half after my workout following work. I understand this does not mimic the circadian rhythm, but then again, neither do the injections, correct? Also, would it reduce the conversion of the T to estrogen (or increase it?)