i hope you dont have his doctor..

  1. i hope you dont have his doctor..

    chris benoits... if he did indeed have RX testosterone...im gunna venture he was over the recomended dose..


  2. how is this possible... if my doctor hears this.....oh hell...lol

    10month supply every 4weeks!!!!

    my phamacy can only give 228 day supply at a time



  3. That doctor was obviously in the wrong. He should share the same jail cell as Benoit.

  4. the investigation should reveal lots of other celebs that were wrongly scripted too i bet....

    at first i thought 500mg, maybe 1gm...but on my way out the door..
    200mg/ml 5cc bottle... 1cc given a week....soooo

    8 bottles=40cc (8 bottles) into 4 weeks=2gms week......whew

  5. What are they defining as a 10 month supply. We here would guess 100mg/week, but if it is a witch hunt, who knows that they say the dosage is.



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