Light headed E2

  1. Light headed E2

    Earlier I felt like I was going to pass out, seems like hcg drive up my e2 pretty bad. last blood work for t showed at 165 if I remember correctly. I can't sleep worth a **** either. I don't think most doctors understand what they are asking when they ask you to stop T for 6 weeks just for another blood test...walking to and from the car for work is just about all the energy I have right now in contrast to mowing the lawn and cleaning the house on my very first 200mg test cyp boss has been letting me nap here and there but I am sure it won't last long.
    No question really, its just late and I felt like letting off a little steam. Feels like so much time gets wasted

  2. Ive got nothing to contribute except for a pair of ears. Hang in there champ.

  3. Hehe, I am trying. Just like others here I am inpatient and want to just get going again. Blood was drawn today and I see the doc tuesday...

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