Androgens and Adderal?

  1. Androgens and Adderal?

    Dr. John,
    Would there be any type of interraction between high dose testosterone and the ADD/ADHD medication adderall that you are aware of?

  2. Anti Aging does not mix with amphetamines...

  3. Ive heard of people on TRT and adderall. I dont think either medicine has the other as a contraindication listed.
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  4. dr john?

  5. Just a "heads-up" opinion on amphetamines and TRT..........I have had experience with adderall and dexedrine and have researched amphetamine usage............My concern with mixing amphetamines and test. would be the effects on the heart..........Amphetamines have been know to increase blood pressure and increase the risk of heart attacks in patients who have underlying heart conditions and people who get their heart rate too high...........Personally, I discontinued my adderall usage before starting the TRT, but you will have to talk to Dr John for a professional opinion.........

    Not to mention the "tolerance" that the brain builds up over time to amphetamines, which creates a situation of constantly increasing the dosage............I would look at other medications which help dopamine reserves, that are less harmful on the heart......... I believe Welbutrin also has a dopamine effect and not as dangerous........just a thought.....

  6. It never bothered me I do concerta a slow release amphetamines. My Dr. put me on it to help with the fatigue I have and it helped I don't have ADD. And my heart rate and BP is fine been on this since Concerta came out some 5 yrs ago.


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