Complete Adrenal/Thyroid Bloodwork - Please help!

  1. Complete Adrenal/Thyroid Bloodwork - Please help!


    21-OH (Adrenal Antibodies)
    Estradiol (E2)

    Full Thyroid Panel

    Free T3
    Free T4
    Anti-TPO and TgAb


    Hemoglobin A1c



    Vanillymandelic Acid

    Surely this should give a very good indication of whats going on? Do you think there is anything else I should ask for included? I have severe symptoms of adrenal fatigue to the point I almost can't exercise at all and am very dehydrated. There is also the low libido and I know from past bloodwork I have low potassium and an elevated tsh. Testosterone level was ok

    I just want the right tests and treatment so I can start moving forward with this terrible illness. The complete lack of bloodflow makes me think of things like peyronies and a lifetime if impotence, I need to know whats happening!

    I am still waiting for my saliva test results for cortisol that will hopefully also help to give a clearer picture of whats going on

  2. Have initial cortisol test done as a 24-hr UFC test (Urinary Free Cortisol test) to see what your daily total is. Cortisol cycles up and down during thee day (highest in morning and lowest around midnite to 3 AM). A blood draw will only tell you what you cortisol level is at that precise moment (and even a minor agitation at going thrugh the blood draw itself could raise cortisol levels from what they'd be otherwise - as it is one of the primary stress hormones).

  3. Add in Renin to go with your Aldosterone test is if your low sitting when you do the blood work. Taking Sea Salt 1/4 to 1/2 tsp full in a glass of water first thing in the morning might make you feel better if not then get on this med.
    Florinef I started on it 8 weeks ago and I am now at 100% I feel dam good now.
    Also do not do Pregnenolone it's always high when tested in men do the Progesterone if this is high then you know Pregnenolone is high.
    Add in Total and Free Testostereone this way if your low and your LH and FSH are low then your Secondary and should have an MRI done on your Pituitary looking for a tumor. My Pituitary is bad do to a head injury.

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