can someone convert these for me?

  1. can someone convert these for me?

    sorry guys... trying to be prepared fro my GP on thursday...and i just read the sticky about modulation therapy

    dhea-S.....8.2umol/L to mcg/dL

    i have my total test.... 397nmol
    biotest....202...where do i want it?
    my LH normal at 3.4 (iguess?)
    my PROLACTIN is high at 10.6 THS normal at 2.12, and other tests are outstanding.......but by the looks of things i may have adrenal fatigue...

    i mean, i wouldnt mind goin on some test injections....but if i can get fix my test levels by fixing the ACTUAL problem...that'd be ideal..

    ps.. hopefully some or all my other blood tests will be back...FSH, FT4, FT3, ESTRON, DHT

    thnks guys....and sorry again


  2. i think this helps??

    if thats correct my DHEA-S is low as well 302mcg/dl?

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