The Govt is after our supplements again. Take Action

  1. Exclamation The Govt is after our supplements again. Take Action

    Hello Friends,
    Life Extensions has sent me a link concerning the the FDA Revitalization Act amended. You can click the link, enter your zip code and forward to your representatives or letter write them.
    They also want to classify DHEA as an anabolic steroid.
    The link is easy to follow.
    Here we have govt in your face again. Please act to preserve our RIGHT to preventative health care and supplements
    Life Extension Foundation -- HR 1561 (Senate bill S.1082) - Please Amend to Protect Dietary Supplements

  2. Didn't the DHEA bill fail already?

  3. several years ago it did fail but now

    Several years ago, it did fail due to the enormous lobby from the AARP. click the link in this thread and help protect our rights against big Pharma. Dont just wait for others to do it take action.

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