Question for Crisler

  1. Question for Crisler

    I am thinking about having you possibly do a consultation with my doctor. I have had low libido and not been feeling that great lately. I have had most important labs done ex. total testosterone, free, fsh, lh etc., and they are all okay. I had my estradiol checked and it was at 57.8 on a <=56.0 ref. range. My doctor doesn't think it is a big deal. From what I have read this could be one of the causes of my low libido. Am I right, if I am can you fix this? I would like to lower my estradiol and raise my testosterone. Do you treat adrenal/cortisol problems? Is there a waiting list for a consultation, if so how long is it?

  2. Call his office, much easier and faster

  3. I would also refer to him as Dr. Crisler. . .

  4. Sticky: For Those Who Want To Become My Patient ( 1 2)



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