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The above is +/- 10%, differences in labs as well.

I was 886 before starting HCG.

Some get more or less results. There might need to be an adjustment for lean mass. And conversion of T-->E definately eats T. So corrections could be made for weight and %BF as a measure of aromatization as well as E2 levels. T-->DHT also takes T out of TT.
Your 98mg/week dose, say 100mg/week, should have produced TTaverage=776(75) per that study.
you have got 886
that is close enough in my book.
If you remember, please describe your routine and time of blood draw when you came with this TT=886.

Now if someone know his SHBG
this chart that I posted plus dr Shippen's chart for
FreeT as a function of TotalT & SHBG


can give decent aproximation of a Depo-T starting dose.