freinds urine test from rheine

  1. freinds urine test from rheine

    My freind's Rhein Results (while taking 5grams of Andro Gel per day)
    E1 13 3-12
    E2 4.7 0-7
    E3 3.9 1-16
    Total Estrogens 22 4-22
    Testosterone 126 45-85
    DHT 41 0-13
    Androstanediol 366 48-578
    Androstanedione 16 0-50
    DHEA 195 5-1476
    Androstenetriol (5-AT) 341 42-710
    Androsterone (AN) 3597 798-4705
    11b-OH Androsterone (OHAN) 1287 461-1692
    Etiocholanolone (ET) 2400 689-3252
    11b-OH Etiocholanolone (OHET) 248 134-1186
    Progesterone Not Detected
    Pregnanediol (PD) 128 32-501
    5-Pregnenetriol (5-PT) 261 28-1062
    Pregnenolone None Detected
    Cortisone (E) 226 92-366
    THE 3375 1365-5788
    THB 128 32-238
    5a-THB 450 135-588
    THA 91 52-277
    Cortisol (F) 133 35-168
    THF 1744 942-2800
    5a-THF 1607 796-2456
    Aldosterone 9.2 (Normal Diet 6-25, Low Salt 17-44, High Salt 0-6)
    T4 (FREE) 2.24 .31-2.01
    T3 (FREE) 3.33 1.16-3.45

    Well my freind went to see his DO today and was not happy and was told that. "your levels are normal and your just alittle bit out of range." He was pissed that dr would not do any further investigation and When I told him he was missing 3 other vital numbers (estrogen metabolite) which are the most crucial ones on there. He asked the dr why they did not recieve them. Dr's reply "there was no need for them". Dr would not call back and get them. Dr never even called to get a consultation for interpreting the results I politely told him that "you paid for it and you are entitiled to them. He told his dr that he was going to see dr shippen or dr john. Dr. Said " great now these guys think they are hormone specialist and go around tinkering with peoples hormones. That's a job for a trained endo".. How ironic that 2 years prior that i was mocked for not going near 100 miles near any endo and now he knows what it really like

    From testing results I to see that 4 oh and 16 oh estrogen metabolites are essential because of high e1, e2.
    I also saw that even though his thyroid was mid normal in the blood this shows that its being kicked out Possible by the estrogen binding to the thyroid receptor sites? or possible iron defeincy ? since iron is needed to make thyroid useable by the body

    Right now I suggested that
    1. 75 mgs DIM BID with 500 mgs TMG till we can some how get the rest of the results
    2. 1 tsp fish carlson's
    3. 60-80 mgs zinc balanced with 2 mgs copper
    4. looks like hes pissing out testosterone from the gel (i am new to this and want to understand what is going on) multiple injections would be better route to go to help lower the e2 with out armidex. He does have really thick skin and is obesse. on lab that it says that thyroid may be elvated in cases of renal and diabetes. I told him he should have glucose tolerance test done.
    5. preg cream may be good due to low progesterone levels but may not be absorbed through skin..
    This is new terrioory for me and hopefully a learning opportunity for all of us ..

    Since starting the gel 2 weeks he felt for first 4-5 days then he had reoccuring symptoms. I told him that this was his body sensing it had enough test and it was telling boyd to shut down its own so your test levels may have gone even lower then starting. His migraine stopped for 4 days and then all of sudden came back with a vengence and he could not understand. untill I explained to him why..

  2. whats up with that Testosterone range?

    is it basically the same as some 450-850 like some ranges are?

    im curious cuz i might use the rhein next time

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