Sex before blood test????

  1. Sex before blood test????

    Really, this is not meant as a joke, I think some of you know I wouldnt disrespect this part of the forum, but does sex the night(morning) before getting followup bloodwork have any effect on values, specifically T levels. Could it show a spike or drop??

    And also, exercise. Is it true that you shouldnt workout the day before your labwork too??

    Im only just learning.

  2. Sex will raise prolactin.
    Any form of exercise including sex will raise GH and/or testosterone levels for 32 hours afterwards.

  3. Sex will raise PSA.

    Play safe (with the blood test), have sex 48 hours or more before blood test.

    Fast 9 hours.
    Drink 16 oz of water 2 hrs before test.

    When complying with Dr John's way, testing for testosterone levels;
    when on shots do it on days other than shot
    when on transdermals apply it then go for blood draw.

    When looking for minimum level while on stabilized routine (over at least a month):
    when on shots do it on day of the shot but before shot
    when on transdermals do it before applying transdermals.

    There is more details when testing for cortisol and even more when testing adrenals.
    I am sure others will add more details.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by JanSz View Post
    Sex will raise PSA.

    Dude over on another forum had a party with the whirlpool jet the night before the test and his PSA came in at 2.43, up from somewhere under 1.

  5. so if working out increases test and GH levels (i agree), my number of 335ng the day after a workout is ACTUALLY lower!!



  6. Quote Originally Posted by ItsHectic View Post
    Sex will raise prolactin.
    Any form of exercise including sex will raise GH and/or testosterone levels for 32 hours afterwards.
    That all depends hectic.

    How intense? What type of exercise? So many variables....

    Squatting and other compound movements will temp raise test, then cause it to go LOWER than usual after the initial 12 hour or so raise.

    Cardio is especially hell on T levels.

    To be honest, I would suggest limiting the exercising thing to low/moderate for 3 days prior to get as accuate draw as possible.


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