The Psychology of Self Sabotage

  1. The Psychology of Self Sabotage

    States that our brains will always seek the equilibrium they are comfortable in, even if that is an unhealthy one. Dont get me wrong, I am not saying that all of our symptoms and how we feel is not absolutely real. I am saying that our minds have the ability to cure our conditions. I also am not referring to the pinhead psychiatrists DRs refer us to when they are basically too lazy or uneducated to do the hard work, or too scared.

    Basically if you have a testsosterone of 350, even though we alll know that is low, our body sees that as normal after a period of time. So if you raise it to 500, the number will slowly revert back down because our mind does not see this new dynamic as normal, even though it is.

    It is why so many people that win lotteries blow it all. They dont see themselves as worthy of the new and better lifestyle so they subconsciously throw the money away because they see their previous lifestyle as what they "deserve". The subconscious has more power than we realize.

    Does anyone know of any resources that will allow my mind to let go of the unhealthy conditiions that for some perverted reason, it sees as normal. I am in too many cycles of averageness and need to break out of them. I need the balls to the wall aggressiveness and confidence that I used to have. With my level of fatigue I have lost that.

    What can I do?

  2. Thanks Dr John.....ordered off of Amzaon for $14, with shipping.

  3. The Secret (DVD or Book)

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Dr. John View Post
    One of the players in that movie is a patient of mine.

    I have watched that movie about 100 times

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