DIM label

  1. DIM label

    I read the back of a dim package today, this is what it said.

    "Scientific research shows DIM increases 'favorable' estrogens (2-hydoxy-estrogen) while reducing the level of 'less favorable' estrogens (16-hydroxyestrogen)."

    is the label saying E2 is being increased and if so doesnt dr john say that E2 i the bad estrogen?

    the product is Natures way.

  2. No, because 2-hydoxy-estrogen and estradoil(E2) are two different things.

  3. Thanks for clearing that up

  4. No prob. I haven't heard much on natures way, how potent it is, and I know it doesn't contain IC3.

    After you finish that bottle up, I would recommend you use Dr Delgados formulation from ultimatemedresearch.com

  5. thanks man

  6. the natures way look better to me though. i tried the indoplex and i did not like it too much. i did not really like all the calcium that it came with.

  7. This isn't an indoplex brand.

    I do believe it is the DIM that Dr John recommends. Estroblock with I3C -60 count

    Remember to stack it with TMG from LEF.

    I would take it one more further and add in calcium d glucarate(LEF).

    I also like Flameout/ZMA/REZV from Biotest as well.

  8. I thought I3C wasn't a good thing (chemical carcinogenesis and toxicity)...?

  9. ic3 is not a good thing. this is very well documented

  10. The jury is still out on IC3. Dr John refuted the idea of IC3 being cancerous in another thread of mine.

  11. Here is a link with a chart on how DIM works.
    FAQs about Diindolylmethane


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