For those of you who might like to know what these mean, here you go:

First of all, the Q in QD and QW is the latin word "quaque" which literally means "which" in English. In this context it means "everywhich" (as in "everywhich way but loose"), or just "every" as we say these days.

QD = quaque die "every day", specifically once a day
die is pronounce "dee-ay"

QW, is adjusted from QD, and means "every week"

BID = bis in die, "twice a day"
TID = ter in die, "thrice a day"
QID = quater in die, "four times a day" (e.g. quattro, quatre, cuatro), note that quater means 4, not 1/4

PO = per os, "by mouth"
PRN = pro re nata, "as needed"

Hope that helps.