I have a varicocele

  1. I have a varicocele

    Yesterday a urologist examined me and determined, among other things, that I have a varicocele.

    I'm not surprised. It would explain my hypogonadism. What I don't understand is why the 4 other doctors (not urologists) told me it was "nothing".

    He had some blood drawn for labs.

    I will of course mention this to Dr. John at the next VOV.


  2. Varicocele is one of the worst way's to get hypogonadism ever because your testicles "might" not respond to proper stimulation. I know a few guy's that have developed COMPLETE primary hypogonadism from undiagnosed varicocele.

    My advice is to get the varicocele repaired when possible, do you have any testicular atrophy on the effected side? How big would you gauge the varicocele at present?

  3. I will meet with the urologist again in a couple weeks to confirm with doppler ultrasound. I've had a vasectomy, so fertility is not an issue, but I will ask him (as well as Dr. C) about how it might be linked to my hypogonadism. I can feel it myself. I let my wife feel it too. Freaky. I vaguely recall some pain there like 6 or 7 years ago, around when all this low T and ED started.

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