Liver Enzymes came back a little elevated...Should I wait on DIM/TMG??

  1. Liver Enzymes came back a little elevated...Should I wait on DIM/TMG??

    My Liver Enzymes came back elevated. I tested negative for hepatitis but i did test positive for epstein barr. At the time I think I messed some stuff up in my system because I was supplementing with a fairly high dose of heme-iron due to my hematocrit being low normal. When my hemoglobin came back it was elevated, so was my red blood cell count and my hematocrit. Oddly enough my iron levels were mid-range normal even with all the iron supplementation. I'm thinking that my immunity being compromised from whatever virus I had along with the excess iron supplementation probably elevated my liver enzymes. Doc put me on a Zpack antibiotic and now I feel much better. The swelling in my lymph nodes on the right side of my neck is gone now thank god. I haven't had a test to confirm it yet but I feel good and look healthy again. Doc said he didn't have a problem with me taking DIM/TMG. However, I don't want to screw up my liver if it's already had some recent issues. Could I possibly be damging my liver if I took DIM/TMG or making it work a little too hard too soon before it's fully recovered??

  2. Isn't the Antibiotic a stress on the liver in itself? I know you came here for the good docs word and rightfully so but at 430am my advice is wait and let your body equalize and recover

  3. I agree. I would be more concerned about the anti-biotics and if you can handle them, I wouldnt be concerned about the DIM/TMG. Your liver is a very forgiving organ, so I wouldnt stress too much unless your doctor give you a good reason to.

    Apparantly EB can cause a sluggish liver because it disrupts your metabolism through allowing things like gut dysbosis to get out of control and toxicity which stresses your liver. It happened to me. A sluggish liver is totally treatable through dietry changes and supplements to correct minor metabolic imbalances in the way your liver detoxifies. Hardasnails knows more about this than I do.

    Which LFT's were eleveated?

  4. cool thanks for the advice. I've actually finished the 5 day antibiotic treatment (zpack). But I'll hold off on the dim/tmg if you guys think it will help. I think my doc basically thought i was talking about a flinstone vitamin, he didn't know what dim is and it seemed like he thought it was pretty much an innocuous (sp?) substance. What kind of supplements could I take to help improve the way my liver functions. If hardasnails wouldn't mind answering when he has a chance or dr.john or anybody for that matter it would be greatly appreciated. -W

  5. Livatone Plus is a good all rounder to promote liver detoxification:

    LiverTone Plus for maintaining a healthy liver

    If your billirubin is elevated, Calcium D Glucarate can help promote phase 2 detoxification. (It cant hurt either way, if your eleveted or not - its good for you).

    Glutathione is another good one as well as Lipoec Acid. It depends how deep you want to go with it, but these will definately assist your liver.



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