1. propecia

    I've been taking propecia for years now. I started lifting weights again last year. I don't have any side affects that I know of, libido etc are still quite strong. I was wondering if propecia could be inhibiting my cutting? I take propecia cos I've always had thin hair and it's helped a lot, I don't look funny when I go swimming. If I stop taking it, how long does it take to go back to normal? I used to have some fat tissue in my chest area but that's gone now that I've been working out.

  2. I read this somewhere:

    Propecia (and other products containing finasteride) cause a rise in testosterone levels because testosterone that would normally be converted into DHT remains testosterone. Continual high levels of testosterone in the body could possibly have negative side effects.

  3. Where did you read that?

  4. Quote : "Finasteride is under investigation by the Swedish Medical Products Agency for possibly causing irreversible sexual side effects".

    I can smell a class action lawsuit.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Dr. John View Post
    Someone is already working on that.
    Really? - I need to get added to the list.


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