can someone tell me what 100pmol/L is in pg/ml?

  1. can someone tell me what 100pmol/L is in pg/ml?

    My estorgen is 100pmol/L and i am trying to work out what this reads in pg/ml as i have read its best to have estrogen between 10-25pg/ml

    many thanks guys


  2. Quote Originally Posted by ItsHectic View Post
    This cannot be right, but possibly it is close enough.
    The link is applicable to testosterone only.
    Conversion depends on molar weigh.
    EndoManual 3rdEd 2004
    page 315 (testosterone) pg/mL=3.47pmol/L, 100/3.47=28.82
    page 311 (Estrodial) 3.67pmol/L, 100/3.67, 100/3.67=27.25

  3. thaks guys



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