lt me get this str8

  1. lt me get this str8

    so, after starting androgel... they test levels on the 14th day(according to brochure i just read)...

    so if one wanted, for whatever reason only put the gel on a couple times...levels may be still lowish, then get 10g prescribed??

    seems wonky

  2. Discussions of this nature undermines the integrity of this forum. It is strongly discouraged by the Moderation and Administration Staff.

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  3. no problem... didnt mean to imply anything... just a random stupid thought that got in my head... obviously antics like that discredit HRT... like anything.. impossible to regulate anything 100%

    sorry again..


  4. theres a good chance that you would end up needing 10g anyways

    do it right, work it out right

  5. Quote Originally Posted by fit4life05 View Post
    theres a good chance that you would end up needing 10g anyways

    do it right, work it out right
    After a month you will know if gels are right for you. If test levels have not came up by then goto shots or examine alterations in estrogen metabolism, dht, and other areas suck as adrenal and thyroid dysfunction. Don't fuk around and loose valubale time. if you know if a month then why wait to goto injections?



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