1. Hydrocele

    My GP just diagnosed me with a hydrocele. He prescribed a antibiotic and wants me to try it for 2 weeks. It is on the right side and has a dull pain that gets worse throughout the day. Has anyone else had this? I was wondering if I should see a urologist right away or wait the 2 weeks to see if the antibiotics help. Also is there any lab testing I should get to make sure my "boys" are working properly due to this. I'm 38 and its not that I don't trust the GP - Just don't want any permanent damage or serious problem overlooked. Also doing thyroid testing do to cold hands and feet. Thanks

  2. Guess this is not very common

  3. If you do take anti biotics...make sure and take probiotics as well.

    I took antibiotics for 20 days and feel lousy now.

    And the antibiotics didnt solve the issue....(staff infection),
    but it looks like $6 worth of bentonite clay will.....gotta love docs.

  4. my little brother (9) just had surgery to remove this... i know that doesnt help...but your not alone... i guess its not harmful..


  5. Quote Originally Posted by zues View Post
    Guess this is not very common
    A quick google found lots of information. It doesn't appear to be a real serious matter, but it should be taken care of. Amazing you have had this all your life and no one discovered it. This is normally a infant's condition.

  6. Hey guys thanks for the replys. I'm taking acidophilus along with the antibiotic. According to the doc I have had this for awhile but not sure how long. Had been to fertility docs quite a few yrs back (8 or 9) and everything had checked normal but who knows.


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