Great website of links for everyone

  1. Great website of links for everyone

    May the wealth of info be shared

    TRT Links

  2. Good stuff, I like the info

  3. Quote Originally Posted by plymouth city View Post
    May the wealth of info be shared

    TRT Links
    Very usefull, you may want to add list of good supplements and their dosage.
    List of compounding pharmacies, etc.

    I called womansintrenational pharmacy, they can make a combination cream such that one gram can contain
    100mg DHEA
    50mg Pregnenolone
    50mg testosterone
    50mg Chrysin
    she was little aftraid that this type of cream can be gritty, not sure what that would mean (until actually tested) to absorbability.
    Sorry, forgot to ask for pice of that combination, but assuming not really much more than for a cream with individual component.
    Cost is probably mostly in a labor of creating the mixture.
    The above cream is one of the possibilities. Not sure how to figure out desirable proportions. They do not do resveratrol or 7,8 benzoflavone.


    DIM is a decent supplement, but not an anti-estrogen. Rather its better for metabolizing E1/E2 into the 2 hydroxylated varieties over the cancerous 4- and 16- hydroxy estrogens. It does little to reduce total estrogen though."
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